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Cubeacon EvalBoard AR25 Wifi and BLE IoT BigData Board

EvalBoard AR25 Ultra Low Cost development board designed to simplify the process of building Internet of Things (IoT) products. EvalBoard AR25 provides everything you need—Wi-Fi, BLE and a powerful Cloud backend, all in a compact form factor that makes it ideal for your first prototype, a finished product, and everything in between.

Cubeacon EvalBoard AR25 Wifi and BLE Ultra Low Cost IoT Board include complete feature like I2C Port, I/O port, Timer, Serial TX/RX and ADC. CE and FCC Certified.


Wifi Spec

Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz



32-bit MCU

BLE Spec

nRF51822 BLE 4.0

Flash Memory 256KB

Clock Speed 16MHz


Compact Device

Support Android and iOS

Support Intel & Arduino

Scanning and Control

Cloud Base Friendly

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Evalboard AR25 is flexible for your IoT Board. Evalboard can work independently or integrated with other IoT board. This unique feature is a plus where you can optimize your IoT product.

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Evalboard AR25 is designed in an exclusive way yet affordable for developers. With high functionality, you can do any IoT project as in Intel Edison, Galileo, or any IoT Board where you can get similar function.

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